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To Native Americans and voyageurs paddling their canoes along the Lake Michigan shore, the magnificent dune situated at the southern edge of a deep lake bordered by two islands looked like a bear. In time, stories grew up about how that big bear got there. One of the tales popularized for visitors to the area came to be known as the Legend of the Sleeping Bear. It tells of a mother bear and her two cubs who swam across Lake Michigan to escape a forest fire in Wisconsin. The mother made it ashore, but the cubs tired and drowned. Seeing the mother's grief the Great Spirit transformed the cubs into the Manitou Islands so the she-bear could watch over them.

Legends are made to evolve with generations, so if that version upsets your little ones, tell them that the Sleeping Bear Dunes and the Manitou Islands symbolize a mother bear's love for her children. Then make this and other Old Sleeping Bear Bay Trading Co. products with your cubs and dream about the last time you splashed in the clear water of Sleeping Bear Bay.
Legend of the Sleeping Bear Cookie Kit   Legend of the Sleeping Bear Cookie Kit - $9.95
The Original Old Sleeping Bear Bay Trading Co. product. Nostalgic ginger cookie mix complete with mama & baby bear cookie cutters.


If you've ever seen a mother loon swimming across a glassy Northern Lake, her babies tucked on her back, you'll never forget it. Ditto for a coyote pup out for its first hunt. And who ever tires of spotting a bunny hopping across the trail? Make these cookies with the youngsters you love to bring the spirit of the Northwoods into your kitchen - and create another unforgettable memory.

Northwoods Babies Cookie Kit   Northwoods Babies Cookie Kit - $8.95
Classic sugar cookie mix sweetened with maple sugar. Packaged with baby coyote, baby bunny and baby loon cookie cutters.

Freeze Dried Cherries   Freeze Dried Cherries - $6.95
Enjoy the FUN and the health benefits of cherries any time of year. (Don't be fooled by dried cherries that are up to 60% sugar and/or corn syrup. ) Ours are 100% ruby-red Montmorency freeze-dried cherries!

Nothing artificial or unnatural

Native Fruits & Nuts Mix   Native Fruits & Nuts Mix, 8 oz. - $6.95
Our dried cranberries and blueberries are sweetened with fruit juice, unlike most dried fruits that are plumped up with 40-60 percent sugar or corn syrup. This wild combination of blueberries, cranberries, walnuts and pecans has proven itself as the National Lakeshores' most healthy, most fun and most delicious trail mix.

No sugar or corn syrup contaminate these healthy fruits and nuts.

The apple trees that dot our beautiful landscapes throughout the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore were planted by early settlers. Many of these apple trees mark the spots of homesteads that have long since disappeared. Today visitors to the National Lakeshore snack on pop, candy, fudge and ice cream - be a rebel and enjoy our natural Caramel-Flavored Apple Slices instead!
Caramel Apple Slices   Caramel Apple Slices, 8 oz. - $4.95
(Dried apple slices & natural caramel flavoring)
NO Sugar Added! These naturally sweet dried apple slices are spiced up with natural caramel flavoring. Great for snacking, desert topping, backpacking and road tripping.

Popcorn was one of the first dishes ever cooked in North America. For centuries Native Americans ate this fun food as a staple. The popcorn crunched around those campfires and hearths was organic. Just like the kind we bring you from Old Sleeping Bear Bay Trading Co. So pop, munch and be merry.
Caramel Apple Slices   Organic Popcorn, 16 oz. - $3.50
Fantastic organic yellow corn. Pop and then sprinkle with a little maple sugar from one of our Maple Sugar Shakers!

Up North Muesli   Up North Muesli, 8 oz. - $4.95
(Packed with dried berries & healthy nuts)
Organic oats brimming with cranberries, blueberries, sunflower seeds and walnuts.
NO SUGAR ADDED. Berries sweetened with natural fruit juice!

Turbo-Charged Oatmeal Gone Wild

Transitional Organic Pancake Mix   Transitional Organic Pancake Mix, 16 oz. - $4.50
Natural, healthy pancake mix free of sugar and preservatives. Paul Bunyan Flapjacks & Voyageur-Crepe Style recipes included.

Legendary Flapjack Mix from Sleeping Bear Bay.


"We use only clear, fresh, maple sap. It is then filtered, and processed quickly. We take pride in our product, and we love what we are doing. We are committed to quality" - Farmer Tom (Tom Casier)

Farmer Tom's Maple Syrup   Farmer Tom's Maple Syrup, 1/2 Pint (8 oz.) - $5.95
Pure, local maple syrup from the heart of the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore.

The Indians who paddled and camped along Sleeping Bear Bay celebrated the end of long Northern winters by making maple sugar. Today you and your family can enjoy this same healthy, natural treat. Keep this shaker close at hand (and put away the refined sugar). Maple sugar is great on everything from cereal to popcorn. And be sure to try it on our Sleeping Bear Up North Meusli.

Maple Sugar Shaker   Maple Sugar Shaker, 2.5 oz. - $3.95
Pure maple sugar packaged in mini-glass mug - perfect for shaking on all your favorite foods. A wonder-replacement for refined white sugars and other hazardous sweeteners.

Miles of beautiful trails thread through the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore. These trails beckon to hikers, cross-country skiers and snowshoers. After a day of taking in our beautiful views it's time to relax with a mug of Old Sleeping Bear Bay Hot Cocoa.

Maple Sugar Sweetened Hot Cocoa Mix   Maple Sugar Sweetened Hot Cocoa Mix, 8 oz. - $5.95
Made with organic cocoa, pure maple sugar, organic cane sugar and packaged in a one-pint glass mug. The perfect warm-up while cuddling up with a book or coming in from another wonderful outdoor adventure.

The Native Americans who paddled and camped along Sleeping Bear Bay feasted on wild rice that they harvested by canoe from the Upper Great Lakes region. This tasty, natural food source helped them on their travels and through the long Northern winters. Today, anytime is a good time for wild rice. Enjoy this Great Lakes tradition as a side dish, in salads, soups and stews.
Sleeping Bear Wild Rice   Sleeping Bear Wild Rice, 10 oz. - $5.95
Great Lakes wild rice, roasted and packaged for you, your family and friends to enjoy. Originally harvested by birch bark canoe and cherished throughout the long, hard northern winters.

Native Americans mixed the fruits & nuts of the area with their wild rice. Today you and your family can enjoy our wonderful blend of wild rice combined with regional fruits and nuts in the spirit of those simpler times.
Wild Rice With Native Fruits & Nuts   Wi ld Rice With Native Fruits & Nuts, 10 oz. - $5.95
Unique combination of rice, berries, apples, walnuts, maple sugar and spices.

Cherry Maple Vinaigrette   Cherry Maple Vinaigrette, 12.7 oz. - $5.95
Local maple syrup lightly sweetens this FAT FREE Vinaigrette that tops any salad with class and good taste. Fantastic marinade for all meats and tofu. Also a wonderful dipping sauce for cocktail shrimp and freshly caught local salmon.

Wild Lilac Handcrafted Soap   Wild Lilac Handcrafted Soap - $4.00
Locally made and carved. Inspired by the natural scent and beauty of the National Lakeshore's lilac trees that mark the spot of homesteads long gone.

Sleeping Bear Bay Handcrafted Soap   Sleeping Bear Bay Handcrafted Soap - $4.00
Locally made and carved. Freshwater scent reminiscent of Sleeping Bear Bay.

Harold whispered, "Emma, I'm gonna' crawl out the window and explore the shipwreck that went down on Pyramid Point last night - do you wanna' come?" I scribbled on my slate: "No! Teacher is watching." "Suit yourself," he said, and slipped out the schoolhouse window. From Emma in Port Oneida, a new children's book available from Old Sleeping Bear Bay Trading Co. in the summer of 2005.

The quaint one-room schoolhouses scattered throughout the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore remind us of a simpler time-before television and computers. This old-fashioned kit helps children experience the innocence of that bygone era.
One-Room School House Slate Board Kit   One-Room School House Slate Board Kit - $9.95
Kit includes a slate board, felt eraser, wooden chalk box and non-toxic chalk.

Classic Mitten Knitting Kit   Nostalgic Scarf Knitting Kit - $19.95
(Includes yarn, scarf pattern & needles) Kids of ALL ages are discovering knitting. Includes a Gift Certificate for a FREE knitting lesson at The Yarn Shop in Glen Arbor, Michigan.

Classic Mitten Knitting Kit   Classic Mitten Knitting Kit - $19.95
(Includes yarn, mitten pattern & needles) Rediscover the art and fun of knitting. Includes a Gift Certificate for a FREE knitting lesson at The Yarn Shop in Glen Arbor, Michigan